CT Plumbing & Roof Leaking's vision is to be pumping solution specialist with helping customer to solve their problem with excellent sales & after sales service together with reasonable price.

With the pumping solution that has been enjoyed by many customers, CT Plumbing & Roof Leaking continuously strive to provide a higher level of professional from addressing the situation, picking the correct pump, installation and after sales service.

That is why we have been recognize by our customer, CT Plumbing & Roof Leaking is the most reliable and trusted when comes to pumping solution.

We are able to address a wide range pumping solutions for your home and industrial needs.
We are the authorized sellers and installers for most of the major brand of pumps in Malaysia so you can have full confidence in the pumps that we carry and our installers. 

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CT Plumbing & Roof Leaking is also plumbing company that has a complete set of services including water pipe repair and installation, water heater repair and replacement, waterproofing, drain cleaning, water tank repair and replacement, and leak repairs. One of our main service, the water tank installation and repair is a much-needed plumbing service for homes and businesses in Malaysia.

Those who suspect they have a problem with their water tank should consult us right away. Our professional plumbers can inspect it to see if the warranty hasn’t expired yet. We can connect you with the manufacturer to get, possibly, a new water tank.

But, damaged water tanks rarely still have their warranty because it expired a couple of years ago. With CT Plumbing & Roof Leaking, you can have that faulty water tank part replaced because we have our own stock of parts for commonly installed water tanks.