What is PU Grouting Injection?

PU Grouting Injection is a common method used in the industry to stop the water leakage. PU stands for polyurethane which has the hydrophobic characteristic. It is widely used to repairs the cracks in concretes and  honey-combed concrete by pressuring the chemical into the defect areas. When the PU (polyurethane) expose to the water, the chemical reacts and expands becomes foams to seal the concrete  pores and cracks. The expansion of the PU can up to 20 times of it volume injected.


How CT Plumbing & Roof Leaking Team can help you?

CT Plumbing & Roof Leaking has a team of professional  which more than 10 years of experience in PU Grouting Injection.

Once we received your inquiry, CT Plumbing & Roof Leaking will arrange a team to visit your site for inspection. Not all water leakage issues can solve thru PU injection. CT Plumbing & Roof Leaking Team will give you the advise base on the situation that you are facing.


Identify Causes
After the diagnose session, our professionals will propose you the PU Grouting solutions. In the event that the PU Grouting Solutions is not feasible, CT Plumbing & Roof Leaking Team would propose others treatment to rectify the leakage.


PU Grouting Injections
Performing the PU Grouting Injections with warranty given.


Once the PU Grouting Injection is done, the owner shall monitor the repair over the times. If there is  a need, CT Plumbing & Roof Leaking Team will re-visit the site for inspections.